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Are Female Rangers the Best Poacher Protection?

This striking, powerful, inspirational video highlights a common animal conservation problem: How do you recruit anti-poaching rangers from the surrounding villages... when the poachers also live in those villages? How do you get someone to arrest his neighbour, or perhaps his friend? And risk social pressure or anger from their [...]

Membership & Recognition from Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA)

Elated to be receiving this certificate affirming our membership among the national conservancies of Kenya. This is a true testament that community-led conservation has its place in Kenya! We are the only conservation owned and run by the local Maasai people and we use a mixed-use model of conservation; where [...]

Remote Maasai Village: Motorbike Ambulance for Birthing & Emergencies

Here at the Nashulai Conservancy, we believe a core responsibility is to ensure that benefits from conservation and Safari tours are trickling down to the local communities, even in small ways. We are excited to announce that we have just launched a motorbike ambulance to help in rescue missions during [...]

New Luxury Safari Camp – Wageni – Conservation Travel

New luxury units at the Wageni camp are nearly ready! The new units will be dedicated towards the sustainability of Nashulai Maasai conservancy, especially in ensuring that land can be leased from the community and turned into conservation. Building the new Wageni Luxury Safari tents Our Nashulai conservancy [...]