Maasai Baby Blessing Comes TRUE & Mum Brings Baby to Visit

A few years ago, a woman and her husband came on safari with us. As we talked and got to know each other, she revealed that she was pregnant.

As our friendship grew over the next few days, she and her husband talked about the struggle they’d had to conceive, so they were extra grateful for this pregnancy. This trip to Nashulai was their way of celebrating their joy and their last big trip before they settled into parenthood.

So we suggested that they come to the village and our Maasai women would hold a traditional Maasai Baby Blessing Ceremony for them. They loved the idea, and during the ceremony our elder medicine woman told her she was carrying a baby girl. All of our Maasai women confirmed this.

One year later, this guest and her husband came back to visit us, and went to the village, so the women could meet their beautiful baby girl!

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About the Author:

Nelson Ole Reiyia
Nelson Ole Reiyia is the founder and director of the Nashulai Conservancy; which includes Oldarpoi and Wageni Safari Camps, several schools, and 6,000 acres of conservation land. Nelson is a local Maasai inspiring and working with his people to conserve biodiversity, reverse poverty & preserve indigenous culture.

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